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It’s time to get out of the house and hit the streets! The Amazing Chase is a new tour concept from the Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF). This “live” event is part pub trivia, part scavenger hunt, and part Cash Cab. Competitors will venture out into the city with their “Chase Crew” as if they were chasing a hot air balloon around the city; driving around as if the wind were your guide, you will be competing against other Chase Crews by collecting points for visiting iconic (and sometimes hidden) ABQ locations.

The only requirement to play is to have a vehicle and a cellphone that can send and receive text messages.

The leader of The Amazing Chase is “Crew Chief Casey.” Casey will be providing chase clues via text message, assisting you on your Chase, and even calling you with challenges and trivia questions. Each player may be assigned a position on the Chase Crew.

You may “chase” as a solo player, or have up to 5 people on your Chase Crew.
Chase Crew (1 vehicle = 1 ticket up to 5 members)

Crew Positions


  • Pilot - This is the driver and their job is to safely drive you from location to location.

  • Navigator - This person should have some sort of GPS in hand to assist in finding locations and guiding the pilot.

  • Communications Expert - This person will be in constant contact with the Crew Chief. Their phone device will be the only one used to text, send pictures, and receive phone calls from Crew Chief Casey.

  • Photographer - This person will be taking all the pics. Use the “Communications Expert” phone to take the pics, or use your own and send them to the CE, either way, your role is crucial for ensuring great pictures of your team’s experience!

  • Comic Relief - Probably the most essential role, your job is to break the tension of the team and keep the atmosphere light, as if you were 2,000 feet in the air!

At some point in the Chase, a different crew member may be asked to perform a task for bonus points. If you are playing solo, please perform all these tasks as safely as possible while operating your vehicle!


How to Properly Chase

First off, we want to be clear, this is a “Chase” and NOT a race. The Chase should take approximately 2.5-3 hours, but we give you a total of 3 hours to finish. The Amazing Chase begins at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. This is where you should direct your Chase Crew members to meet (free parking). NOTE: There is no need to go inside the hotel (unless you need the restroom); communication will come via text to the number you entered at checkout (be sure to enter a valid cellphone number).

When the clock hits chase time, you will get your first chance to earn points. This will be a text from Crew Chief Casey. Follow the instructions. When you do your task, you will receive a confirmation text that you were awarded points. You are on your way. After the confirmation of points notification, you will get your next clue. When you figure it out, text it to Casey. We want to make sure you are headed down the right path. If you are right, you will be told to head on your way. If you are wrong, feel free to ask Casey for help. Casey will send you the address of where you need to go. Some of the clues are more difficult and could be worth more points if you can guess correctly on the first try. Also, do not follow any of the other competing Chase Crews - you will all be visiting the same locations, but in different order (so, no cheating)!


Each clue will have a point value. Points are earned by taking group photos at each correct location. The Chase will be won by the team that has the most points at the end of 3 hours. Crew Chief Casey will not only be giving you scavenger hunt style clues to get to your various stops, Casey will also be giving you many chances for bonus points. Some might be in the form of additional pictures while you are at your current stop. It might be a phone call with a trivia question. It may even involve you going into the location to purchase something. And yes, if we ask you to buy something, the point value will reflect that! So, drive safely around the city and pay attention to parking (if you are downtown on a Saturday, they give tickets for meter violations, so put a nickel in the meter before you go take your picture). To make this just as crazy and fun as a balloon chase, feel free to have a funny team name and dress up for #stylepoints. These will be tie-breaker points if needed.

In Flight Entertainment: After you have been told to head on your way to your next stop, Casey will be sending you a text. This is just some background information. It could be specific to the location you are headed, or it might just be a fun fact about our great city. This info is strictly for your enjoyment!

Nailing the landing: When you complete your chase, Casey will let you know how many points you obtained. When all participants have finished the chase, a text will be sent out with the final standings.



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