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I'm trying to buy tickets online but there are no tour times listed.

If you see an empty box on our tour calendar, it is because we do not have tour times listed yet or we are closed that day. All Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF) tours are closed Mondays (except the Monday during and immediately after Balloon Fiesta). Please email us at or call us at 505-200-2642 to inquire for availability. 

How can I purchase tickets?

Buy tickets online at or via phone at 505-200-2642. Walk-ups are welcome at the AT&SF box office in Old Town (inside Hotel Albuquerque - 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW).

Are tickets refundable?

No. However, tickets are transferable for a future date or to a friend. Please see our General Information & Policies section for more details. 

Is AT&SF locally owned and operated?

Yes, proudly so. AT&SF began as ABQ Trolley Co. on May 5, 2009. It was started by Jesse Herron and Mike Silva, the Trolley Guys! We also promote local Albuquerque businesses on the tour as much as possible. To learn more about AT&SF, check out our About section.

Where do I park my car while on the tour? 

Enjoy complimentary parking at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. No parking permit required.

Is there assigned seating on the Trolley?

No. Tickets are sold as "General Admission." With that in mind, please arrive 15 minutes before your departure time to claim your seat(s).

How early should I arrive for the tour? 

That depends! If you’ve already purchased your tickets online, arriving 30-minutes early is recommended. Arrive up to 1-hour in advance if you will be purchasing your tickets in person.

Is the guide separate from the driver?

Our Trolley drivers do not double as tour guides; each tour on the open-air Trolley has a driver and a guide. Tours on The LUX are a more intimate experience, and in this case, your driver will also be your guide.

Will I be able to take photographs from the Trolley?

Yes! We encourage our riders to take plenty of photos along the way. While in the Trolley, remember that we are driving on city streets; we will slow down for photos at certain locations as long as we are not interfering with traffic.

Can my kids come on the tour?

Yes, children are welcome on the Best of ABQ City Tour. On The LUX, the cabin is much smaller than the open-air Trolley.  Thus we ask that if you’re considering bringing a child, please be mindful of the other riders. Small disruptions are much more intrusive on The LUX.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my infant?

Maybe. Infants and small children under 2 years old riding in an adult's lap will not need a ticket on the open-air ABQ Trolley. 

Can I bring my well-behaved dog on the tour? 

Yes! The open-air Trolley is pet-friendly. 

Is food or drink allowed on the Trolley?

Yes. Please be careful with your food and drink and be sure to clean up any mess after the tour is over.

Is the Trolley wheelchair accessible?

The Trolley does not have a wheelchair lift. However, we are able to accommodate riders who are able to get out of their wheelchair. We can store a wheelchair, walker or motorized scooter securely inside Hotel Albuquerque.

Is there air conditioning/heating on the Trolley?

Yes and no. The Trolley is open-air and the favorable weather in Albuquerque affords us the ability to go without air conditioning or a heater. There will only be a few days each season where a light jacket is necessary. Check the local forecast here

Can I rent the Trolley for private events?

Yes. The Trolley is a unique alternative to limousines or shuttle buses. It also makes a great backdrop for photos! Please send your private tour inquiries to


What is the weather like?

We are fortunate that Albuquerque has a very favorable climate with 310 days of sunshine! There are several months, however, where a light jacket may be necessary (April/September/October). To find out more about planning for our wonderful weather, click here.

Does the Trolley operate in the rain?

Yes. The Trolley operates in the rain. However, if there are flash flood warnings or other inclement weather that may be a hazard to our riders, we will not run. In light rain, the Trolley has drop-down, see through rain curtains that shield our riders from the elements.


Where does the tour start and end? 

Beginning in 2021, all tours begin and end at the Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF) box office located inside Hotel Albuquerque at 800 Rio Grande Blvd NW.

Where do I park? 

Enjoy complimentary parking at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. No parking permit required.

Does it get cold at night? 

Even though we live in the desert, it still gets very cold in winter. Because of Albuquerque’s high elevation and thin air, the city can cool off pretty quickly at night. We recommend a light jacket and long pants during spring and fall. We strongly encourage jackets, hats and gloves during winter months. 

Is it ever too cold/rainy/snowy to go on a Ghost Walk? 

Tours will only be cancelled if the sidewalks are dangerous and not walkable (snow-packed, icy, etc) or in the case of severe lightning or flooding. If you dress appropriately for the weather, you’ll have a great time! 

How early should I arrive for the tour? 

That depends! If you’ve already purchased your tickets online, arriving 30-minutes early is recommended. Arrive up to 1-hour in advance if you will be purchasing your tickets in person. Please plan on arriving early to find parking and to experience the close-up magic performed by Jordan before the tour departs!

How far do we walk on the tour? 

The Albucreepy Ghost Walk covers 1.3 miles (2.1 km) at a leisurely pace. Please plan to be on your feet for approximately 120-minutes. 

Are there any restrooms on the tour route?

Restrooms are available at several designated locations throughout the tour route.

What should I bring on the tour? 

We recommend comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, a camera, a bottle of water and an open mind! 

Is the tour route wheelchair accessible? 

Yes. We stay on sidewalks, streets and other paved areas that are accessible by wheelchairs and electric scooters. While accessible, these areas may also include uneven surfaces.

Will we see any ghosts on the tour? 

Every tour is different. We can’t guarantee a paranormal encounter, but plenty of Albucreepy-goers have had spooky experiences on our tours. Even without a sighting, the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk is filled with enough spine-chilling content to give you goosebumps. 

I don’t believe in ghosts. Should I go on this tour? 

Yes! This tour is based in the history of downtown Albuquerque. We go out of our way to make sure everyone has a great time, not just those who believe in ghosts.

Can I take pictures? 

Yes! Not only will you get great opportunities to photograph historic downtown Albuquerque, you may even capture an image of a ghost or spirit. We recommend flash photography – it’s going to be dark out there! Video and audio recordings are not permitted.

I think I have an apparition in my photo. Can the tour guide take a look at it? 

Should you capture anything creepy in your photo, your guide may be able to analyze it for you. After the tour, you can share it with us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Use the hashtag #ALBUCREEPY & #TourABQ.  You can also send it to us via email at

Is it safe to walk around Old Town after dark? 

Yes. Although the stories of Albuquerque’s haunted past are filled with spooky characters, the Old Town and Sawmill area are a safe area. We will never take you anywhere we would not feel comfortable going ourselves. 

Is food or drink allowed on the Albucreepy Ghost Walk? 

Yes. We especially recommend bringing bottled water. It’s best to eat a light dinner before the tour so that you have enough energy to walk for 1.3 miles. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted but are available at several locations on the tour route. 

Can I bring my dog on the Albucreepy Ghost Walk? 

Yes! Well-behaved, friendly pets and service animals are welcome on the tour. Scaredy cats must stay home!

Can I bring my kids on the Albucreepy Ghost Walk? 

Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walks are rated PG-13 due to the creepy subject matter. We strongly suggest that young children not attend. Disruptive children may be asked to leave without a refund.


Where do Duke City Pedaler Rides begin?

Rides begin at Red Door Brewing Co. in downtown Albuquerque.

What breweries and bars does the Duke City Pedaler visit?

Duke City Pedaler rides are 2.5 hours, which is usually enough time to visit 3 bars, breweries or restaurants of your choice. Upon arrival for your Group Ride or Social Ride, all riders collectively decide which locations to visit from our participating partners. Your Duke City Pedaler Captain will happily make recommendations and help you plan your route. The list of participating locations is available here.

What's the difference between a Group Ride and a Social Ride?

A private Group Ride is for you and 13 of your coolest friends. One person books and pays for the tour for the rest of the group. This person is also the general "wrangler" and time keeper when to get on the Duke City Pedaler.

A Social Ride is open to the public for individual seating for 14. This allows ABQ visitors and locals to enjoy all the fun of the Duke City Pedaler without having to fill the entire Bike. There is a four person minimum in order for the ride to happen.

Is food or drink allowed on the Duke City Pedaler?

Yes. Please be careful with your food and non-alcoholic drink and be sure to clean up any mess after the ride is over.

Can we bring our own music on the Duke City Pedaler?

Yes, please do! We have some party-time playlists but feel free to bring a CD, mp3 player or smart phone. We have Bluetooth capability but we also provide an aux cable and charging port.

Can we bring our own alcohol on the Duke City Pedaler?

No. In accordance with New Mexico state law, alcohol is not served nor allowed on the vehicle. This is the case for most party bike operations in the United States. All alcohol must be consumed inside the restaurants, pubs and bars.

Is there air conditioning/heating on the Duke City Pedaler?

No. The Duke City Pedaler is truly open-air. However, the favorable weather in Albuquerque affords the ability to go without air conditioning or a heater. There will only be a few days each season where a light jacket is necessary. Check the local forecast here.

Can I rent the Duke City Pedaler for private events outside of the normal tour hours?

Yes. Please email with the date and time you'd like to book. We are happy to work with you to make sure we are available for your group.

Will my ride be cancelled if the weather is bad?

Probably not. We ride rain or shine! Plus, you'll be out of the weather for about 30 minutes at each stop while you're inside the brewery or bar. However, if there are flash flood warnings, severe lightning or if the roads are snow-packed and icy, we will reschedule your ride. 

Is there a way to share my tour photos with other pedalers?

Yes. Please share your photos of Albuquerque and photos taken from the Duke City Pedaler on any of our social media accounts @TourABQ. We strongly encourage you to share your photographs with us and with future riders. Please use the #tourabq hashtag.

Where is the best place to park in order to catch the Duke City Pedaler?

There is ample parking in downtown Albuquerque. Metered parking and several parking garages are nearby. Street parking is free after 6pm on weekdays and free on Sundays. 

How fast does the Duke City Pedaler go?

It travels blazingly-fast at speeds reaching approximately 5-7 mph. 

Is there a minimum amount of passengers for the Duke City Pedaler?

Yes. There is a minimum of six people required to make the Pedaler mobile. The maximum amount of riders is 14 (ten pedaling and four comfortably resting on the back bench). There is a weight restriction of 325 lbs. per seat

How soon should my group check in?

We start checking in people approximately 30-minutes before ride time. All pedalers must sign a liability waiver first. Riders under 18 years of age must have the liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Are there any age restrictions for the Duke City Pedaler?

All riders must be at least 16 years old to board the Duke City Pedaler. Riders under 18 years of age must have a liability waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Riders must be 21 to consume alcohol at the various locations. Exceptions may be granted in special cases if parents/guardians are renting the entire bike (14 seats) and would like to bring children under 16 on the Duke City Pedaler. The minimum age to pedal in all cases is 16 years, and there is a 4 rider maximum under 16 years old allowed per tour. Riders under 16 must sit on the back bench and are not permitted to pedal. Please contact if you are interested in bringing children on the Duke City Pedaler. 

Please note that if you are under 21 years of age, you may not be allowed inside various bars or breweries. You are allowed to stay on the Duke City Pedaler with the driver while the rest of the group is inside. 

Are helmets required on the Duke City Pedaler?

No. But you are welcome to bring your own helmet. #safetyfirst

How can I rent the Duke City Pedaler?

Reserve space for your group online well in advance. If you are unable to buy in advance, you can pay at the AT&SF Box Office. One is inside Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town (800 Rio Grande Blvd NW-in the lobby) and the other is inside the Hyatt Regency (330 Tijeras Ave NW, Suite Q). You may also pay over the phone at 505-200-2642. Another option is to purchase at the Hold My Ticket Box Office located in the Sunshine Building on 2nd and Central (112 2nd St SW).

Is tipping allowed on the Duke City Pedaler?

Yes. Tipping is customary. Your Duke City Pedaler driver works very hard to ensure a fun time and gratuity is greatly appreciated. Our services are treated much like the restaurant industry where 15% - 20% is customary.

Who is in charge while on the Duke City Pedaler?

Your Duke City Pedaler Captain is always in charge. If any member of your party is acting in an irresponsible manner (as determined by our team members), they will be asked to get off the Duke City Pedaler and will be responsible for finding their own way back. The person who made the reservation (the renter) is responsible for getting everyone in their group in and out of bars/stops.